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Return policy

Thank you for entering the shopping site to purchase merchandise. If you are not satisfied with the merchandise you ordered, we will assist you.

According to the Consumer Protection Act
In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, online shopping consumers are entitled to the hesitation period of the goods on the 7th (including the holiday), and you are entitled to the return of the goods at any time during the seven-day hesitation. However, please note that when returning goods, the goods must be in a new state and completely packaged (including the main body of the goods, accessories, internal and external packaging, accompanying documents, gifts, etc.).
The following situations may affect your return interest:
(1) Damage to the packaging of the product, removal of the seal, removal of the tag, removal of the glue, removal of the label, or assembly and use.
(2) Others that are necessary for the Passover Inspection or attributable to the buyer or the recipient, causing damage, loss or alteration of the goods.
(3) Please return the invoice attached at the time of purchase. The lost invoice Foúnico has the right to refuse the return.

If you need to return the goods, within 7 days after receiving the goods, please join the LINE official account (@founico) to contact us. After accepting the return application, the returned goods must be returned within the hesitation period (postmarked) Or the receipt of the contract is based on the reasons, please indicate the reason for the return of the goods with the goods, with the goods to be returned (with a complete package), invoices sent back to 408, No. 540, Section 1, Wenxin Road, Nantun District, Zhongshi City Building 3, and marked "return / exchange" on the parcel, we will handle it for you after receiving the goods.

Remind you
• The items you return must maintain the integrity of the product, accessories, inner and outer packaging, gifts, and all accompanying documents or materials. Do not miss any accessories or damage the packaging.
• FOUNICO reserves the right to terminate its online membership by returning more than 3 times due to personal factors within one year.
• The appreciation period is not a trial period. If the goods have been used, and the goods are not returned due to the goods themselves, or if the goods are damaged due to failure to comply with the precautions, the return rights will be affected.
If the appearance of the product is scratched or damaged, the goods (including the accessory parts and gifts) that are shipped with the goods are lost, or the returned products are dirty and used.
Please return the invoice attached at the time of purchase. The lost invoice Foúnico has the right to refuse the return.

Once we receive your return refund item, we will conduct a product inspection; and will notify you immediately of the return refund status after the end of the inspection. If your return refund is approved, we will refund the funds to your refund account and account number.

Return shipping
You will be responsible for all shipping costs for the return, and the shipping charges you have paid in advance will not be included in the refund amount. If your refund request is accepted, your return shipping fee will be automatically deducted from the refund amount.