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Terms and conditions

Product Shipping Policy|

General merchandise shipping time:
◆ Mailing

Delivery time: Monday to Friday

The item will be shipped to you within 24 hours of confirming the order payment. (Scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays and national holidays)

◆ Facilitate the purchase of super-commercial goods

Delivery time: Monday to Friday
Confirm that the goods will be shipped to you within 24 hours of the order being established. (Scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays and national holidays)

◆ Convenient Super Merchant Pure Pickup

Delivery time: Monday to Friday

The item will be shipped to you within 24 hours of confirming the order payment. (Scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays and national holidays)


Delivery time of goods (Taiwan):

Delivered within 3 - 5 working days after delivery (excluding Saturdays and Sundays and national holidays)

Commodity delivery time (not Taiwan):

Depending on the destination, there are different delivery days, please be sure to ask in advance


|Scheduled Event Goods Delivery Policy|

Event schedule, festival goods delivery time:

Due to the large number of orders, the order will be adjusted within 7 days of shipment. The system will send a notification letter when shipping, please be patient.

►Remarks: If you want to specify the next day/time/location arrival, please inform the customer service staff to open the home delivery or courier service (the postage does not meet the free shipping discount) to facilitate your goods. Arrive on time, thank you

►If you used 711 to pick up the payment, but did not pick up the goods and left the record up to 3 times, we will no longer provide 711 to pick up the payment service to the consumer and we will cancel the order directly for you, then please choose another payment method! We need to pay by the consumer first, we will ship it :)


|User Privacy Protection Statement|

FOÚNICO gives the official website of Yan Xinyi (hereinafter referred to as FOÚNICO to Yan Xinyi) for the collection and use of consumer and personal data, according to the "Computer Processing Personal Data Protection Act" of the Republic of China and this privacy protection statement, FOÚNICOYang Xinxin The relevant protection measures have been strengthened, but we also solemnly remind you: Do not disclose your personal information on the Internet publicly, as it may be collected and used by others, especially in public speaking on the Internet, such as chat rooms. For the message board, you should avoid posting personal information such as personal identification, password or email.


|Profile collection and use |

1. When you browse FOÚNICO to Yan Xinyi's official website, you will not be asked to enter your personal information.

2. When the user wants to complete the shopping process, subscribe to the newsletter, or participate in other activities, FOÚNICO will ask the user to log in to the personal information to complete the transaction and related member services.

3, subscribe to the newsletter only need to provide an email account, users can cancel the subscription at any time.

4. The personal information obtained by FOÚNICO to Yan Xinyi's official website and related websites is only for the purpose and scope of FOÚNICO's official website of Yan Xinyi according to the original instructions.

5. Unless otherwise stated or in accordance with the relevant laws of Taiwan, FOÚNICO will not provide the user's personal data to third parties or for other purposes.

6. FOÚNICO's official website of Yan Xinyi will automatically record the user's browsing activities on the website, but these materials are only used for traffic analysis and online behavior survey, in order to improve the service quality of the website.


|User Member Registration Information|

1. During the registration process, you can set up a set of emails and passwords for yourself. Through this account, you can use the related member services according to the website instructions.

2. Please keep your member account and password safely. Do not provide the above information to anyone. After using it, please log out of your account. If you share a computer or use a public computer with others, please remember to close you. Browser to prevent others from seeing the above information or getting access to your account.

3. Before you use this service, you must register to become a member of FOÚNICO to Yan Xinyi's official website. When you register for a new account, please make sure that the information you provide is the most accurate and complete. Provide correct and complete personal information in accordance with the items indicated in this service registration process. If your personal information changes, please feel free to log in to FOÚNICO to complete the online information update on Yan Xinyi's official website, or contact us to contact us to update your latest information to protect your rights. If your personal data is duplicated, deliberately fraudulently used in the name of others, violates public order and good customs, or has the right to infringe on the name of another person, company name, trademark or other intellectual property rights, or has misunderstood others, is suspected of breaking the law, and destroying FOÚNICO gives Yan Xinyi the official website service purpose or has any misleading reasons. FOÚNICO Yu Yanxin can refuse your registration, suspend or cancel your membership or ask for changes afterwards, and refuse to use all the information provided by the website. Service, you should be responsible for all civil criminal liability and losses, if the FOÚNICO is damaged by Yan Xinyi's official website, you shall be liable for damages.

4. If the personal information provided by you is incorrect, missing, wrong, and inaccurate, you will not be able to receive the award or enjoy the discount according to the preferential conditions or activities listed in the relevant announcement. I understand that you also understand.


|Revision of Privacy Policy |

1. FOÚNICO's website is very important for your personal data security. According to the “Privacy Protection Policy and Personal Information Collection Notice”, the Personal Data Protection Law and related laws and regulations, you can handle related matters for the individuals you log in or keep. The collection, processing and use of materials and other specific information (such as transactional materials) absolutely respects and protects your personal data. Please read FOÚNICO to Yan Xinyi's official website "Privacy Protection Policy and Collecting Information" before registering and before using this service. If you disagree with the "Privacy Protection Policy and Personal Information Collection Notice" after consideration, please do not register or stop using the service immediately.

2. If your personal data is stolen, leaked, tampered with or otherwise infringed on FO皙NICO's official website, FOÚNICO will leave the official website of Yan Xinyi to investigate, understand and clarify the relevant case. Notify you by FOÚNICO in the way that the official website of Yan Xinyi believes that it is most appropriate. Please understand and understand that FOÚNICO's opening of the official website of Yan Xinyi does not mean that FOÚNICO has any illegality on the official website of Yan Xinyi, nor does it mean that there is an express or implied guarantee for the disclosure of your personal data or Liability.

3. FOÚNICO reserves the right to change the contents of this statement. We will not announce the changes to the members at the same location on the website.

4. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us directly.


Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00.

|Shipping time|

Spot goods are shipped daily at 4 pm.
Orders for Saturday/Sunday/Holiday/National Holidays are shipped on the day of work, thank you for your purchase.